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MSRP $500.00
Release date November, 2009
Brand Nokia
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The Nokia E71x is a mid-grade smartphone designed to be used by both personal and business cell phone users. Both AT&T and Nokia claim the E71x is the "thinnest smartphone" on the market. The Nokia E71x features a wide range of specs including built-in aGPS support for use with AT&T navigation software, instant messaging support, video sharing, wi-fi functionality, full HTML browser support and internet access, along with a media player, 3.2 megapixel camera, video playback support, a note/memo program, a full function calendar for schedule reminders, and office tools such as word processors and email programs. The device itself has a complete external QWERTY keyboard, and functions on a quad-band GSM network. The only service provider that currently supports and distributes the E71x is AT&T.

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3G network connections are very fast, download rates and responsiveness are excellent

balance and feel are good, feels comfortable to handle and work with

computer connection software is sophisticated and easy to use

battery lasts a long time between charges

processor works quickly, no lag in operation or menu navigation

GPS is extremely accurate, connects quickly even in difficult areas

i love this phone because of its SLIM sleek look. its light weight and nice looking.

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built-in camera has a very difficult time in low light and video capture is low-res

my message info is slowing down. a lot.! the keys are sticking..i think some apps should be automatic not an extra phone is 4yrs old and its in mint condition. is there a way to have it fixed?

camera light doesn't always turn off when its manually switched on off position

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