Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Ok, wait a second, are we calling Josh Hartnet an amazing actor? Have you seen 30 Days of Night? That movie was so bad (although it was so bad it became good again),  so maybe that clouded my judgement. When you don't have good material to work with it's hard to create a good character.

I have to agree with BrileyKenney though, Daniel Radcliffe isn't the best actor. You can always tell he's acting which is annoying. All the older characters they get are always super talented so maybe he stands out more as an amateur.


Haven't seen "30 days of night" but did hear a lot about it. However, Josh is definitely better as a movie actor than a stage actor. This doesn't mean he is a brill movie actor at all ;)

And you are right when it comes to the fact that even talented actors can't make a bad movie good. BUT: bad actors can make bad movies even worse ... I just think about "Glitter" with Mariah Carey (bless her!)

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