Do you trust Apple?

Posted by avatardialupinternetuser last updated January 20, 2008 at 3:10 pm

I figured that I'd also add that Apple is charging $19.99 for the iPod Touch Software update, which would bring the total cost of my iPod up to $320 (Plus Tax). However, if I bought an iPod touch after Macworld I would have had to pay $280 and then $20 for the update, so it would only cost $300, which is what I payed for a non-updated one. This is along the same lines as the iPhone price drop and is really pissing me off. Screw you Apple.

Although if you have enough money to buy an iPhone, iMac or MacPro, an Apple TV, and Apple's Time Capsule, it'd be a nice setup. But it'd cost at least $3000 dollars.