Transformers - it friggin rocks

Posted by avatarOmar last updated July 12, 2007 at 2:07 pm

Agreed 100%. And to be perfectly honest, I had to ACTIVELY turn my brain off. Something stupid would happen and I'd be like "but wait... what about... why are they..." and then would just tell myself "JUST ENJOY IT!" Going in with that mindset is why it rocked. If there weren't those really cheesy parts, bad dialog lines, incomprehensible plot, etc, it would be incredible. That's a source of frustration for me as well, because they stayed close to the animation roots it really had the potential to be something REALLY REALLY special, instead of just really cool.

But I mean come on, the rocket jumping, Starscream's air fight, Optimus' sword! All got me right in my fanboy heart, and I loved it.