Transformers - it friggin rocks

Posted by avatarheapatrouble last updated August 21, 2007 at 4:50 pm

Admittedly, the idea of trying to hide in an area (city) in which there is the possibility of massive innocent casualties might be questionable if one were trying to do anything except HIDE from the enemy and regroup. I'm thinking Manzabar completely fails to undertand the point of camoulflage. If one were a sniper in the wilderness trying to hide/eliminate an enemy, he would be clothed in a cami's, a ghillie suit and alot of native vegetation. If one's camoulflage was, in fact the guise of a vehicle, it kind of makes sense to attempt to blend in with the gazillion other cars of a large city. To be fair, while Transformers was no Citizen Kane (does anyone actually LIKE that movie?) it was certainly better than the mindless escapism that I expected given Michael Bay's directorship.