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MSRP $170 - $190
Release date November, 2005
Brand RIM
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 RIM's BlackBerry 8700 series is the updated line of full-size BlackBerry units after the 7200 series. They are smartphones, combinations of regular mobile phones and digital assistants. Most of the units in the series have the same basic specifications, with variations usually based on regional availability. The physical shape of the units resembles that of the older full-size BlackBerry units. The 8700 series still features a full backlit QWERTY keypad, thumb trackwheel, HTML Internet browser, email capabilities and Java 2.0. They feature Intel 312MHz processors with 16MB of RAM. The units come with 64MB of internal memory and are Bluetooth compatible. They allow for mp3 ringtones as well as multimedia messaging. All are capable of email synchronization. Aside from a few feature upgrades on some of the 8700 models, the main differences are what region they were released in.

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