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MSRP $350.00
Release date August, 2008
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The BlackBerry Bold (aka RIM BlackBerry 9000) is the latest smartphone (available August 21, 2008) from RIM to be released by AT&T on November 4th 2008, for $299 with a 2-year contract. Earlier retail estimates were expected to be around $300 - $400, but this latest release hints that it will probably be much higher. The Bold has high-speed data connectivity with support for 3G networks (quad-band EDGE and tri-band HSDPA) and WiFi (802.11 a/b/g). Other improvements over the BlackBerry Curve including a doubling of CPU speed to 624 MHz and a doubling of screen resolution to 480 x 320 resolution display (Half-VGA). The BlackBerry Bold is a competitor to the latest 3G version of the Apple iPhone announced on June 9th, 2008.

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3G network connectivity

WiFi access (802.11 a/b/g)

Built-in GPS

Tactile keyboard is faster typing than iPhone touchscreen

Faster CPU @ 624 MHz

Expandable memory with microSD cards up to 16 GB

Twice the resolution @ 480 x 320

Copy and paste function!

Very similar in size to the Apple iPhone

Much larger contact area and layout of keyboard

Feels very solid in your hand.

Web browser renders most web pages in a usable fashion. (still not as clean as iPhone though)

Super reliable

Nicely integrated messaging and audible notifications from IM services and social networks (ex. GTalk, Facebook)

Loud speaker-phone

Great battery life

Comes with a free case!

Care power charger works very well.

Nice "bedside" alarm clock mode. Looks pretty

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Small display compared to iPhone

Immature app-store

locking the phone does not disable volume/track control button on side

Drops calls more often than my curve did.

No where close to the intuitive experience on the iPhone

* + Green button is a really annoying way to unlock the phone

Browser isn't as good as the iPhone's

Poor battery life after a couple months of use

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