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MSRP $50.00
Release date October, 2008
Brand RIM
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The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 is Research In Motion's first ever flip phone. The Pearl Flip was released in the United States on October 13th, 2008 over the T-Mobile network and in Canada on November 4th, 2008 over the Rogers Network; it retails for $50 in both countries with a 3-year voice and data plan. The Flip Pearl features two high-resolution, light sensitive LCD displays; a larger 240 x 320 internal display for browsing the web, and a smaller external display to view incoming calls when the device is closed. The device can browse the web over WiFi and cellular data networks, and includes extensive multimedia capabilities including syncing with iTunes over USB 2.0 on its 128 MB of flash memory that is upgradeable with a MicroSD flash card.

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First flip-style Blackberry

WiFi capable, 8021.11 b/g

Two large, high-resolution, light-sensitive LCD displays; one on the inside, one on the outside

Only $50 with a 3-year contract

QWERTY SureType keypad

Some service providers offer the phone for free with a new plan. (ex: Rogers Wireless)

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Slow Web page load times even on WiFi

Poor web browser

Internal processor EXTREMELY slow: Phone cannot play back it's own recorded videos without stuttering, then crashing. If a theme has an animated gif background the phone's whole OS slows to a crawl. Even with standard theme, it's a bit sluggish to navigate. Only the simplest of games run smoothly.

Cheap flimsy construction, despite having sleek design.

Phone has rediculously stupid feature: If the battery charge drops below 15% the phone goes into "emergency mode" and for some reason shuts down ONLY the ability to make calls!!! Wouldn't you want the opposite in an "emergency"???!!!

No 3G network support

Expensive if you don't buy it with a voice/data contract

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