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MSRP $149.99
Release date July, 2010
Brand Samsung
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The Samsung Haven (SCH-U320) is a mid-cost cell phone. Samsung promotes this phone as being easy to use. The display of the Haven (SCH-U320) is 2.2 inches, and designed to be bright. With the option of making your font larger, this display is easy to read. The memory of this phone can retain 500 contacts at once, which allows you to organize your business and personal life. The Haven (SCH-U320) also offers one-touch access to emergency numbers such as 911 and your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts. The most unique feature of this phone is that it offers fifteen stretching regimens geared toward keeping you in shape. These routines come with four stress-relieving music selections. The Haven (SCH-U320) allows you to store your medical info, such as allergies and medications. Reminder Alarms can be set for multiple times and days so you never miss any important recurring events. The Samsung Haven (SCH-U320) cell phone is for use on the Verizon wireless network.

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Large range of volume of ringtones, ideal for those hard of hearing

Large and bright screen and large keypads for this style of phone

Certain features (reminder alarms, medical information tool, customizable shortcut buttons) improve performance with seniors (part of the target market)

Grooves and spines make opening and holding the phone easier to use during calls than standard flip phones

Phone's metallic casing feels more robust than similar entry-level plastic phones

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Battery life not as long as manufacturer specs, shorter than comparable Samsung models

Dedicated 911 emergency button can be pushed inadvertently

Lacks a camera, a fairly standard feature on flip phones in this range

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