True or False: The United States Broadband Penetration is the Highest in the World?

Posted by avatarssegaert last updated July 16, 2007 at 4:00 pm

Thank you for not taking the title Newsweek took: "...than EVEN Estonia's".

In my view, the person who wrote the article in Newsweek is pretty ignorant for a tech reporter. Estonia is at the forefront of many e-governance related developments. Broadband penetration is only a small part of that. More importantly, there have been important government and private sector initiatives to provide access and to make people use the access that is provided.

Why does Estonia rank relatively low then? Simple. Because Internet is a community asset. Available to everyone like electricity and running water, in this case via Public Internet Access Points, Country-wide Wimax coverage and an encompassing network of wifi hotspots. When you live in a country where you can open your laptop and connect, you don't really need a "subscription per person". That said: the market in Estonia concerning broadband could be better. Speeds are not nearly as good as in other countries.

I wish I could make my money writing articles with flashy titles from my desk and not checking any facts nor background, like the Newsweek guy seems to do...

So, thank you for pointing out the real issue on this blog, without adding the denigrating "even" ;)