True or False: The United States Broadband Penetration is the Highest in the World?

Posted by avatarssegaert last updated July 16, 2007 at 6:20 pm

Well, al sarcasm or patriotism aside (I'm not even Estonian myself), I wish people who wrote for influential magazines would put in a bit more effort than to look at a list and think "Jeez, Estonia, that must be a bad place, can't believe the US is even worse off than even that country (I don't know anything about but culturally uneducated imagine it is a terrible ignorant place)!".

A little bit of research in even the Newsweek DB itself would have revealed a lot more. Even Dubbya was here once. And yes, e-governance was the focal point of that visit, next to the fact that the Estonians have troops in Iraq. Surely Newsweek must have picked up on that one.

It would have been like writing: "Jeez, even Georgian wine (the country, not the state) is better than Californian!". Imagine, such a backwards country like Georgia producing wine. Hey, wait, I think that is where wine started to be made some 5000 years ago.

Catch my drift? You don't know anything about a place, you look up some first-glance information and decide that the comparison with all-might US must be terrible. Think again.

And in case you wonder: the country in the Dilbert comics is Elbonia. No relation.

Sorry to rant, but if I can do my share for a balanced reporting...