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Release date August, 2011
Brand Sony Ericsson
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 Sony Ericsson's Mix Walkman is a mid-range cell phone for use with 2G GSM networks. While it does not have 3G connectivity, it does have a Wi-Fi transmitter/receiver so that Internet services can be accessed while on a network. The phone has a large touchscreen, and text input is done using an onscreen virtual keyboard. The phone is a media player, and has 256MB of on-board storage expandable up to 32GB. Songs can be used as ringtones, and a music store can download music directly to the phone. There is an updated song search function and a built-in Karaoke player for use with the built-in mic. Twitter and Facebook apps are built-in, as well as an email client and FM radio. The phone's media player can play videos, and when on a Wi-Fi network  users can access YouTube videos via the YouTube app. There is also a 3MP camera with video recording. Unlike many previous Sony Walkman phones, this one uses microSD cards to expand memory.

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