It has been a while since I have posted here at ProductWiki (I have *way* to many new products to add, but hopefully I will get them up sooner rather than later) but I thought the community would enjoy taking a look at a project that has been taking up the majority of my time here of late...

I present the Grow the Hunt Blog sponsored by Moultrie Feeders!

This is the first company sponsored Blog I have launched, but I am really excited about the opportunity having a Blog will bring to the hunting community.  We will cover topics from food plot preparation, wildlife feeders, and trail cameras to general deer hunting tips.

I would be interested in hearing the ProductWiki's communities thoughts on how you have successfully used a corporate sponsored Blog to facilitate communication with your customers.

I hope you find this resource to be of value and I would also be interested in any recommendations you might have on how I can improve this Blog.

Thank you!  :)

Best Regards,