Buying an LCD TV

Posted by avatarDavid last updated August 28, 2006 at 9:10 pm

Ok, after looking around at prices of LCD TVs, I want to know if 1080p is really worth the extra dough. What readily available video sources are there that are actually 1080p? I know I won't be buying anything other than DVDs until the whole Blu-ray/HD-DVD stuff is sorted out (who knows, another format may trump both of them).

As for gaming, I only plan on buying a Nintendo Wii in the short term. I know the Wii only does 480p so 1080p is pretty useless in that regard.

What is the signal quality of HDTV that you can get from cable companies? Is it just 720p or do they actually have 1080p channels these days? Is this a standard thing with different cable providers (or will switching providers allow me to receive 1080p signals)?

Are there plans for something other than 1080p in the next 5 years? Am I REALLY missing out if I just get a TV with just 720p/1080i (btw, is 720p better in quality than 1080i still?) vs. 1080p? Will I be kicking myself in 3 years wishing I splurged 3 years ago?