Buying an LCD TV

Posted by avatarOmar last updated June 13, 2008 at 12:00 pm

I got a budget priced LCD TV as well. Actually, it's not even technically a "TV" since it lacks a tuner. Considering everything is done through the rogers box the tuner is totally unnecessary. While I AM happy with the set and have no regrets at all, I do appreciate the benefits of more expensive sets.

When I'm watching a movie with dark scenes and see a lot of grey, and no detail in the shadows I would like something more. Would I spend $500-$1000 more? hellz no!

I'd say 2008 will be THE year to jump into High-Def where by the holidays you'll be able to buy a set for under $1000 that is very good quality. Things like 120Hz, and those fancy-shmancy premium features aren't necessary for most people so the things that matter: image quality, size, etc will be at an high level for a relatively affordable price.