Magician rivalries: Why does it happen?

Posted by avatardakalvia last updated March 23, 2007 at 12:16 pm

On a separate note, i pulled my own MINDFREAK! at a xmas dinner:  somehow a whole plate of food flipped off this crowded round table and landed on my chest and lap (i was wearing fairly nice shirt, pants, and tie), and within about 3 seconds I managed to scoop all the food (and gravy) back on the plate and up on the table, and somehow not have any evidence of food staining on my clothes.  Everyone at the table was still in shock, and one guy just said, "how the hell did you just do that?"....i calmly replied, "I've been watching a lot of MINDFREAK lately."    I think that you can now safely use that expression in everyday life...saves a lot of explanation.