GRAW 360 First Impressions

Posted by avatarOmar last updated March 12, 2006 at 2:47 pm

I picked this game up last night with this deal and I'm blown away.  I've played through the first 4 missions in the single player, and the entire experience thus far has been nothing short of cinematic brilliance.  The first time you ride over Mexico City in the helicopter and the entire city is swaying and moving properly with the motion of the helicopter, there's a very impressive sense of scale and movement that is constructed.  I want to stay away from cliches like this is next gen! but damnit, there's no way this kind of experience is possible on current consoles.  And when you see the explosions and the way buildings, cars and everything blows up, there's such an impact and intensity it makes you wince.

And then there's the multiplayer which is worth $60 alone.  I played splitscreen and online, both times cooperative.  We played cooperative elimination which is where you and the other players are on one side, and have to take out a bunch of computer players.  We set it to high density, meaning there's between 40 and 50 computer players and it's so much fun.  The beginning of the match is just a slaughter as there's big clumps of computer players that are easy to take out.  At this point it's a rush to see who can take out the most soldiers.  But once there's around 15 or 20 enemies left, they start to get spread around the map and things become far more tactical.

I also played coop campaign, which is also great.  I've played 2 missions so far, each one multiple times.  They're similar to the single player missions with changing objectives and constant movement around the map, but they're not as fleshed out or sophisticated.  However, working alongside real people instead of computer controlled allies makes things very fun.  Playing with single or no lives means you have to play very strategically, so voice communication is a must.  With the right group of guys it feels like a hardcore game of paintball.