GRAW 360 First Impressions

Posted by avatarOmar last updated March 13, 2006 at 11:15 am

I played the game quite a bit more last night and it only gets better.  I tried out some of the different multiplayer modes, such as Solo Elimination and Team Elimination.  These correspond to Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch respectively in usual FPS lingo  We only did the traditional version of Team Elimination but with Solo we got a chance to try out some of the different variants.

Seek and Destroy is like a game of rabbit.  There is one target, and whoever kills that target gets a point and becomes the target.  If you kill anybody while you're the target then you get a point.  But if you're not the target and kill anybody OTHER than the target than you lose a point.  It's hilarious working as a team to get to the target and cut them off, but once you get close it turns into every man for himself.  And once the target is killed it's a mad rush to take out THAT person.  And if you do become the target it's a tough balance to stay hidden/alive while taking players out to get points.

Bounty Hunter is a similar game to Seek and Destroy but instead of just one target, every player has their own target!  More than one player could have the same target, but you never know.  So you could be pursuing your target and see someone running near you, you don't know if they're going after you, your target, or somebody unrelated!  The amount of points you get for each target kill increases.  So the first time you kill your target you get 2 points, and then 4 points, and then 8 points, etc.  However, if you kill anybody ELSE that's not your target, then the number of points per kill resets.  So even if someone is trying to kill you, if they're not your target, it's better to just let them kill you so that you don't lose your bonus.

Thief is the closest to regular deathmatch.  You get one point for every normal kill, and whoever has the most points is considered the "thief", they show up on everybody's HUD and map, and you get two points for killing them.  This mode was pretty fun, but I'd rather play normal elimination or Seek and Destroy.