GRAW 360 First Impressions

Posted by avatarOmar last updated March 20, 2006 at 11:44 am

I've had some more great games lately, been mainly playing Team Elimination with random people.  I've been very happy to find that the community has been pretty mature with very little racism and stupid people plaguing the servers like some other popular games.  I've also found that I'm pretty good as well!  I always play as the rifleman class and switch between two different guns, I forget the names, I think the one is the M-50, it has two levels of zoom, and the other is the silenced rifle with only one level of zoom.  Lately I've prefered the silenced rifle as it appears to be more accurate with the trigger held down, but it's definitely less powerful.

One match that really stuck with me was a 7 vs 6 game on the Boneyard map (the small map with the busted planes and such).  All my team had died but me, and there were 3 left on the other team.  I didn't want to play a boring style and just camp and wait for the other team to find me so I moved around the map.  It was great though because I had to be extremely careful constantly checking my rear and moving very slowly.  Being forced to play in a tactical manner I went through the map hugging the walls, crouching much of the time, then sprinting when in the open and diving for cover, I felt like Jack Bauer.  I then caught two of the team off-guard and took them out quickly.  I knew that the third guy would be alerted to that and would make his way over.  So I climbed the stairs of the nearest tower, went into the lying position and waited.  It wasn't long before I saw the lone guy darting between cover points.  He was quite far still, and I had the silenced rifle so it was a tough shot.  I zoomed in quickly and just sprayed and prayed.  Missed him the first time, but when he thought it was safe, I got the sweet headshot.

It was beautiful.