First Real HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Comparison

fileunderFound in Training Day
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High-Def Digest has the first real comparison between the two next generation movie formats here: click me.  There have been many comparisons between the two formats done before since they both launched earlier in the year, however Training Day is the first movie that is released for both formats.  This allows reviewers to give a scene by scene and shot by shot comparison of the two formats to see which one is superior.

The results are conclusive as the HD-DVD version of the movie is reported to have a clearer picture, better sound, and better interactive features.  These conclusions fall in line with all of the movies that have been released so far for both formats, as Blu-Ray has started out in a disappointing manner.

Of course, most people won't be able to tell any difference between the two versions as some people have difficulty telling the difference between normal DVD (especially upconverted) and high-def.  Also, Blu-Ray supporters state that the current state of Blu-Ray movies is at a severe disadvantage since dual-layer 50GB movies have not been released, and won't be released until later this year, when the true advantage of the format will become apparent.  We'll see.

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