Thoughts About Hammock Camping

Posted by avatarESP last updated July 17, 2007 at 12:39 pm

Hammock sleeping, if you give it a chance, you will love it.  I noticed that in Asian countries, and South American countries I have visited, they are very popular.  A key is that you sleep in it diagonally in order to lay flat.

Don't rush out to spend hundreds of dollars to try it.  Several sites online describe how to make a hammock very inexpensively.  Search "hammock risk's", "hammock sgt. rock", "hammock just jeff's" to get started.  Search "hammock whiteblaze" to see the experience of campers who have used hammocks successfully in extreme weather conditions (while hiking the Appalachian trail).

My first was made of a king sized sheet and some rope.  Risk's Test Hammock shows how.  Hang it so you sleep near the ground, so if it fails it is funny not painful.

I will skip further detail, because I learned most of what I know online.  Since I started experimenting, I have found my hammock to be much more comfortable of a sleeping platform than my mattress and box spring bed is.  I keep one in my car because it works so well as a camp chair, sofa or bed and it takes so little space.  I am shopping for a van because mounted inside, a hammock will make a van an RV.  With appropriate accessories (all described in the aforementioned search results) hammocks pitch easily, minimize harm to the environment, and keep campers warm through rain, wind, and freezing temperatures.

These are so comfortable, versatile, and easily made that I believe anyone who tries it will love it.