I LOVE these shoes.

But first let me hedge myself.

The last pair of soccer shoes I bought were over 6 years old.  Half the cleats have been ground down to nothing, there's holes in the lining, and every time I wore them for an extended period of more than 5 minutes the back of my heel would be rubbed sushi raw.

And maybe the sorry state of my equipment was a large factor, or it could be that the soul-sucking nature of University Computer Science broke my will to enjoy life, either way I took a break from playing this fantastic sport for a couple of years.  Enter this summer with the world cup, and I've been bitten by the soccer bug.  Big Time.  Almost every day out of the week I'm out there kicking the ball around, either by myself or in a pickup game.  There was no more skin left on my heel to rub off so I had to resort to using straight up running shoes, which unsurprisingly resulted in me slipping and sliding around like on a freshly waxed floor.

Why am I giving all of this background information?  So that you people reading this review can understand the mindset I was in before receiving these cleats and take that into consideration as you read these overexuberant and massively glowing comments.

Let me repeat myself now: I LOVE THESE SHOES

With these on I can run faster, jump higher, turn sharper, kick harder, pass more precise.  Every aspect of my game has improved and I'm a much better player for it.  I can feel the difference in a very significant way, far more than I thought I would.

The leather fit is extremely comfortable on my foot, it started off rightly a bit tight, and expanded very well molding around around my foot's shape.  Traction is absolute with the bladed cleat design, providing excellent leverage when I go for those instant sprints, and great stopping power when I need to turn on a dime.

Laces fit well, and the lace cover does an excellent job of providing more ball control, but also giving the shoe a tighter fit.  With the combined force of the elastic strap, and the velcro attachment I have no fear or worry about the tongue coming lose and flapping around.  It just feels solid.

Solid all around.  Solid shoe, making me a solid player. 

Highly recommended!