Walk Aid Scooter

$300.00 Released December, 2013

Product Shot 1The Walk Aid Scooter is a walking aid for people with normal balance who have difficulty walking due to a wide range of conditions. This seated scooter is lightweight and easy to maneuver indoors and out, allowing a user to negotiate sidewalks and store aisles with ease.

The scooter features 12" wheels, which glide over uneven ground. The scooter also features a folding handlebar steer for ease of transport or storage.

This orthopedic scooter allows a user to travel further than they could with a cane, and is also easier to propel than a wheelchair.

The Pros:Easier to use and more comfortable than a cane or wheelchair. Folds for easy transport & storage.

The Cons: Not for use for people with impaired balance. Limited availability through distributors.

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