Facebook: A complete waste of time?

Posted by avatarOmar last updated June 14, 2007 at 11:48 am

Exactly. Every community online and in the real world is going to have good and bad things about it (other than ProductWiki of course!). Facebook is big enough that you see those up and down areas. One thing that is KIND of backfiring on me is that I thought the whole applications thing would be great for cool applications. But instead it is turning into an almost MySpace kind of overkill where people are putting a ton of stupid applications on their page and it can become a real mess. The problem is further compounded is that these damn applications use the built-in Facebook message spamming and so the number of notifications/events/messages I'm getting is just exploding! And most of them are annoying and useless.

I guess I could look into it, but I hope that Facebook lets you limit the kind of message/events that you receive. I think that's starting to become a bigger complaint among the users and I've already seen bitching on one blog.

I'm hoping that because it's all new that these are problems that will be sorted out eventually. Just being able to limit the kind of stuff you get would go a long way. And maybe limiting the kind of applications that you see on other people's profiles would help as well. Like, I only want to see applications that I've allowed, or that have been voted on by the Facebook community as being the best. Everything else just start off collapsed and I can expand it if I'm REALLY curious to see their "top 5 friends" (not bloody likely!)