Facebook: A complete waste of time?

Posted by avatarMr Dude last updated May 1, 2010 at 2:50 pm

 I am by no means an adult, but I have many reasons to express my concern about facebook.

My younger sister and mother have become alarmingly addicted to facebook, my sister used to go outside to play with her friends at least twice a day, now it's a strange thing to see her outside that long in a week! as soon as she gets home it's pretty much always "can I go on facebook?" my mum says she is doing something important but whenever I go in to take a book off of the shelf, she gawping at the screen playing another POINTLESS and USELESS game or application, to my knowledge she plays over 15 game on facebook and i'm lucky if I get to have a brief 5 minutes without her come in saying it's an emergency and that it will only take ten minutes, and hour later she's still on facebook playing a silly application or typing a random sentence like hi to someone she barely knows! My mum plays only a few games but has over 1000 "friends" and in her spare time she  is always on facebook, I help out as much as I can but it's getting a bit much, we have a great dane puppy to take care of and I nearly always take it out clean up after it feed it I  do alot to help raise but as I am not at home all the time it isn't me the puppy should be listening to. She complains at not being able to do some housework and says she doesn't have any time but whenever I see her, she's on facebook.

In my opinion it is pointless as people who I used to Hate are sending me friend requests and it goes to show that if you go on facebook you rid yourself of all logic, integrity, and will waste your life gawping at a stupid update like "i just finished eating some pie lol" facebook is dangerously addictive people face the facts!!!- from one concerned web surfer to another.