Citizens of Humanity Fit

Posted by avatarrobotreefrog791 last updated December 14, 2005 at 11:45 am

I have never liked the way Citizens of Humanity fit. They always seem to squeeze things in the wrong direction for me. However, I find they look great on other people. These other people tend to be petite so maybe that's the deal. I also hate the way Juicy jeans fit. Could just be the style I tried. I was actually just jean shopping and tried on Paper and Denim (which is being sold at the Bay!!) and totally disliked them. If I'm going to fork out a couple hundred dollars for jeans they better make me look good! Also, I have this horrible problem of finding jeans that fit me in length. I need at least 34 inch inseam. So far the only ones seem to be R&R. Any other tall girls out there with some nice looking, long jeans you can recommmend.