Viral Videos, Vol. II

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The fist viral video was done back when I had dialup, so I figured I start another.

Super Mario Bros: Frustration

This video is vulgar, but halarious. Especially for anyone who has play the Mario Game Boy game before. (Note: I think this is a hacked level.) There are two other parts after this one.




Halo 3 Hype

Just watch this one.



The Mario bros frustration was hiliarious. What level is that? Is it the second time through the game?

1) Let's go to the Mall by Robin Sparkles. This was a spoof made by one of my favourite shows: "How I met your mother"

2) Gabe and Max's Internet thing. "How to get the dream life of your dreams using the Internet"

3) Chewbacca gets stunned. Self-explanatory (kinda)

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